Perangkap Lalat Teknologi Terkini

Perangkap Lalat Teknologi Terkini


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Easy to setup – Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). A couple of drops of the specially formulated oil for bait. Put the unit on a flat surface (table is preferred). Switch it on.
Easy to clean – Remove the concave where the flies are trapped. Pour soap/hot water into it. Say sayonara to the flies and you now have a clean device.
Highly portable – Light and portable. Bring it along with you whenever you go on a picnic or camping.
Not Disgusting – Ever seen a swarm of flies trapped on a piece of paper? Quite a disgusting picture. A swarm of flies trapped and flying around in a container is less disgusting. As a matter of fact, children like to watch the flies fly in the container.
Runs on 2 AA batteries (not included).
Place FlyCatcher on a flat surface like on a table.
While it is running, do not force the rotator to stop. Use the switch.
To clean, only wash the removable concave with soap/hot water and dry completely.
If used outdoors, make sure FlyCatcher is always dry.

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